John Winn

Microsoft Research Cambridge
Roger Needham Building
7 J. J. Thomson Avenue
Cambridge, CB3 0FB, U.K.
What's new

Book chapter: A Unified Modeling Approach to Data-Intensive Healthcare in The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery (October 2009).

Slides and results for the Pascal Visual Object Classes 2009 challenge workshop which took place at ICCV (October 2009)

Updated beta release of Infer.NET 2.3 is now available!
Infer.NET automates performing deterministic approximate inference in complex graphical models. (August 2009)
Read the release blog entry and discover about new support for parallel inference.

Slides for ICML 2008 invited talk Probabilistic models for understanding images (July 2008)

CVPR 2008 oral Epitomic location recognition powerpoint slides (June 2008)

Who am I? I am a researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, in the Machine Learning and Perception group. My main research interests are machine learning, machine vision and bioinformatics.

Previously, I was a Ph.D. student in the Inference Group at the Cavendish Laboratory, supervised by Chris Bishop and David MacKay. I have also been a member of the Signal Processing Group at the Engineering Department and the Learning and Vision Group at the MIT AI Lab. My undergraduate degree was in Electrical and Information Sciences at Cambridge University.

I was also a founder of Hypertag, a company which allows you to interact with adverts using your mobile phone.